Best Romantic Love Quotes for GF and BF in Hindi: Love is something that happens to someone, or they just do not want anything else from the world. Millions of love stories have come to all of us, but when we are in love with someone, neither does that person feel good about everything in the world. Friends, we have brought a collection of poetry and status made on such a special romantic and loving. Those you can put on Facebook, Whatsapp, and any social media site on the Internet. And if you like our posts, please share with your Friends. This collection is a daily update.

"it doesn't matter where
I am, or who I'm with;
you're  always in my heart
and on my mind"

Right from our very first kiss i
knew it'll end up like this I'm not
afraid to grow old if I have your hand
to hold,

A woman who opens her heart to love you,
when its already broken,
is braver than any person you'll meet.

Best Romantic Love Quotes 

We do not
remember days
we remember
one day,

I will love you
the way you want
to be loved
and not have to
fight for it

I want You  today, tomorrow,
next week, and for the 
rest of my life

 I love Your voice and i love Your
smile and i think about you way
too much